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Pestcure ltd are one of the leading experts in solar panel protection, providing bird meshing systems which will eradicate pigeons and other birds roosting around your panels. Our proofing methods are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and installed using long lasting, quality materials.


Solar panel protection from birds

Pigeons under solar panels can be an eye sore to most and can cause substantial damage. Prevention is the most effective step you can take to minimise this risk and solar panel bird protection is the wisest option. Proofing is an extremely effective way of eliminating a bird problem and more importantly,  it's completely harmless and humane. 

Our bird control experts have various qualifications and accreditations such as IPAF, WAHR, PASMA, IRATA and CSCS and have thorough knowledge of bird behaviour. Birds are a lot more intelligent than people think and are capable of overcoming poorly installed proofing systems. Once an individual has succeeded, subsequent birds can easily learn to copy their methods. In the industry, this is known as "bird pressure". 

Alongside the above accreditations, all of our technicians are BPCA level 2 (British Pest Control Association) certified which is the recognised standard set for pest control in the U.K. 

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Guano decontamination is included in every job and consists of cleaning panels and the removal of fouling, Pigeons can carry live pests such as; ticks, lice, fleas, mites, and even bed bugs so sanitisation is essential.

Although bird infestations can be unsightly due to constant fouling, their feaces can  pose a serious health risk.  Pigeon excretion can be very toxic to humans and can spread infections and diseases. Dried pigeon feaces left in a particular area over time would be a serious health hazard.

As well as solar panel proofing, we also provide bird netting, bird spiking and bird pin wire systems. There are a wide range of proofing systems available and our technicians are highly experienced at choosing the most appropriate and cost effective method according to your needs. 


Bird Control

Our bird control technicians will get rid of your pesky pests, offering a permanent guaranteed solution that restricts their access and makes it virtually impossible for them to return. We're professional, affordable, and reliable as well as fully qualified and insured and this information is available on request. 


How the process works: 

Step 1:
Our technician will assess the situation, deciding the best course of action to take, ensuring all safety precautions are met before work begins. 

Step 2: Dead pigeons would be removed. The technician would then proceed to clear any debris and feathers ensuring that they do not fall from the roof area. 

Step 3: We would measure and fit a galvanised mesh system around your solar panels. The new system would ensure that pigeons, squirrels, or other pests could not roost or nest, thus creating a pigeon guard for solar panels. 

Step 4: The final step would consist of the cleaning of solar panels as well as guano removal.

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How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels? 

It might not cost as much as you think! Every job is unique and has different requirements; some premises may require scaffolding whereas others may only need rope and ladder access.

We are priced very competitively so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions; we are happy to assist!

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