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Cockroaches Cockroach Control & Treatment

We will identify cockroach infestations, determine the most cost-effective way to get them out of your home and then undertake a solution to keep them from returning. Eviction is guaranteed.


Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are more than just an annoying pest. They pose a serious health risk, harbouring over 33 different strains of harmful bacteria and pathogens such as salmonella that is linked to typhoid.

If you have spotted cockroaches in your home, small pepper like droppings or empty skins, then you are in the right place! At Pestcure we offer reliable, professional and effective cockroach control treatments at affordable prices.

Below we have some great tips and advice!

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How Would You Get Rid of Cockroaches in my Property?

STEP ONE: Inspection & Planing

Our expert British Pest Control Association (BCPA) trained cockroach exterminator will survey your premises and determine the species of cockroach infesting your premises. They will also look for signs of their main harbourage and may leave monitoring traps to help them ascertain this. An individual control plan would be tailored and your technician will give you guidance on the steps that you should also take to maximise results.

STEP 2: Treatment:

Depending on the species and extent of the infestation, bait would be strategically placed in targeted areas. The roaches would consume the bait, ultimately leading to their death. Cockroaches also feed on dead roaches and this triggers what is known as a 'cascade effect' meaning that the bait targets different generations of cockroaches in a multitude of ways.

STEP 3: Assessment 

Your pest control technician would return to your property to assess the success of the treatment and to apply more bait as younger nymphs would now be feeding after emerging from their cases.

STEP 4: Further Control

Depending on the extent of the infestation, the above processes may need to be repeated until all cockroaches are eradicated. Your technician will advise you if any further action is necessary. 

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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Proper sanitation is key to removing cockroaches. Keeping your home clean is a good place to start as cockroaches are particularly attracted to all types of dirt and soiled filth.

Roaches are always on the hunt for fresh food sources and the most beneficial way to prevent them is to cut their food and water supply, especially in the kitchen area.

In addition, you should try to implement the following list:

1. Limit the consumption of food to one location if possible.

2. Do not leave dirty used dishes on work tops or in the sink. Try to wash and dry them immediately and store them away.

3. Keep any areas that contain water dry, for example your sink, shower or bath.

4. Remove any wet sponges or cloths and clean, dry and store.

5. Check your plumbing and pipework-fix any leaks or damp as roaches need water to survive.

6. Clean any spills, debris or crumbs straight away.

7. Ensure that all bins are taken out daily and make sure that they are empty at night time.

8. Degrease your cooker after use and keep it clean.

9. Store food in sealed containers and do not leave food exposed.

10. Inspect behind or under fridges as the warm environment is favourable for the roaches.

11. Removing or clearing up clutter will help; they can be commonly found hiding amongst cardboard and paper.

12. Keep the exterior and interior of your property structurally sound. Seal, fill or secure any entry or exit points as they are known to scuttle through cracks, holes and harbour in crevices.You can use products like clear caulk, steel wool, expanding foam or copper mesh.

13. Installing door sweeps/guards to contain the roaches, prevents them from spreading to other areas. Window screens are also a good idea.

14. Vacuuming and sweeping your floors regularly needs to be a priority. If egg sacs are present on flooring they contain pheromones, which will attract more roaches to the area.

15. Do not leave any pet food on the ground, especially at night time. Feed your animals and withdraw their container, wash and dry for re-use. Alternatively you can leave their bowl outside overnight.

16. Windows, doors and frames must be tightly fitted, ensuring there are no gaps. This prevents entry from outside.

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How Much Will A Cockroach Treatment Cost Me?

Inspection only

Inspection Only

(No Treatment)


Two part visit

Two Part Visit

(Dont Offer)

from £***

Three part visit 3 month guarantee

Three Part Visit + 3 Month Guarantee


from £300

If you opt for the recommended three part visit, we offer flexible payment options allowing you to pay in 3 x installments after each visit to help you spread the cost. Minimum of 3 treatments for cockroaches

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Cockroach Hiding Places:

  1. Kitchen and behind work tops
  2. Pipe ducts
  3. Bathroom area
  4. Floor cavities
  5. Shelving and wooded areas
  6. Laundry rooms
  7. Damp spots
  8. Washing machine, dish washer and tumble dryer.
  9. Warm, dark moist areas
  10. Storage units
  11. Wall fixtures
  12. Drain covers



Cockroaches Traps

cockroach controlThere are various traps available that can help control the situation to some degree, although they are not a viable long term solution. Specially scented or baited, these devices lure them in and they get stuck in the sticky substance.

You could also try a natural cockroach control by simply mixing equal amounts of sugar and baking soda together, placing inside a bowl and then placing into a bigger bowl filled with water. Once they ingest and drink water, it will cause a chemical reaction, ultimately killing the roach.

If all else fails, it’s time to call a professional pest control company. At Pestcure ltd, all our technicians are highly trained in dealing with cockroach infestations and we have various treatments available with a guaranteed service. We will eliminate these pests once and for all!

Our cockroach exterminator will create a planned solution, tailored to your needs, and exterminate them safely and effectively.

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What Happens If Cockroaches Come Back Or The Treatment Doesn't Work Fully?

We offer a 3 month guarantee to all of our clients, providing that your 3 part treatment plan is carried out according to the technician's recommendations.


Cockroach Control For Your Home Or Business:

Whether it’s your home or business that’s infested, Pestcure Ltd have various cockroach treatments available.

We can get rid of your cockroaches and give expert prevention advice to stop them returning. We are specialists in dealing with cockroaches; contact us today for a no obligation quote.



Signs Of Cockroaches

Contrary to popular belief, you are much more likely to see signs of a cockroach infestation before you actually see one. This is due to the fact that they are nocturnal insects and prefer to hide during daylight hours.

Roaches surface at night to scavenge for food as they are less likely to be spotted. This gives them the opportunity to breed quickly as if the signs are not identified, they have free reign to multiply undisturbed.

It is absolutely vital that a cockroach infestation is dealt with swiftly or it could spiral out of control. Signs of an infestation in your home or business are not always obvious at a first glance but if you suspect a cockroach problem, then you should look out for things such as:

1) UNFAMILIAR OR UNUSUAL SMELL: An infestation that has progressed for some time will have a unique scent. Some describe the odour as sweet, sickly smell that is known to linguire in the air and taint items on contact. The cause of the smell can be from various factors such as: decomposing roaches, pheromones, droppings and odour trails.

2) SHREDDED SKIN: Roaches will shed cast nymphal skins around five to eight times as they progress to adults. These skins are usually found near their harbouring areas.

3) SMEAR MARKS: When water is plentiful, cockroaches will leave behind brown irregular shaped smudges. You should check floor/wall meeting points and parallel surfaces for such marks.

4) COCKROACH DROPPINGS: When water is scarce, the mature adults will produce browny/black cylinder shaped droppings that are approximately 2mm in length. Immature roach faeces can look like pepper granules or ground coffee and lots of faeces can indicate a large infestation.

5) DAMAGE: Check for signs of damage as cockroaches will eat just about anything! They can ruin items such as: leather goods, books, organic produce and food packaging.


dead cockroachPlaces to check for a cockroach infestation:
  1. Check your bathroom area and look behind bathroom cabinets, especially if you've had products stored there for a while.
  2. Check all plumbing works: Inspect all bathroom piping areas, especially behind sinks and toilets. Also check underneath your bath if necessary.
  3. Damp or condensated areas: Cockroaches can survive just off condensation so It's important that you try to keep everywhere as dry as possible. This makes it less inviting for these disease carrying pests as their survival source is removed.
  4. Laundry rooms: Items such as washing machines and tumble dryers are common places cockroaches are found. They're attracted to the warm moist environment that the electrical motors produce. Check plumbing entry points where the pipework enters from the wall or up through floors.
  5. Drains: Some species of cockroaches can survive in dry cool conditions so you should check down and around piping areas. Damaged drain covers can be a problem; to prevent them scuttling their way into your home or business, you should repair or replace covers if necessary.
  6. Live roaches: If you've physically seen one or two with your own eyes, then you've more than likely got a cockroach problem. Their presence in day light isn't usually a good sign as they tend to feed at night.
  7. Cockroach egg cases (also known as "OOTHECAE") do not produce a single egg! Instead, the casing holds up to 50 eggs and once hatched, the crusty remains can be seen. They are normally spotted behind furniture or hard to see, dark places.
  8. Kitchen area: Roaches like to harbour here and you should look behind and underneath all kitchen cabinets/cupboards where droppings can be commonly found. The same applies to any freezers, dishwashers or fridges as they like the heat and moisture that gets expelled.
  9. At Pestcure Ltd, all of our technicians are certified by the (BPCA) British Pest Control Association.
  10. We are experts in dealing with cockroach infestations and we have various treatments available with a guaranteed service.
  11. Our cockroach exterminator will create a planned solution, tailored to your needs, and will exterminate them safely and effectively.

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How To Prevent Cockroaches

Cockroaches, alongside being annoying bugs, can also be really dangerous to humans as they carry microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses that are hazardous to human health.

Both homes and businesses are susceptible to a cockroach infestation if certain precautions are not taken. The good news is that you can prevent an infestation by following a few easy steps, keeping these pests at bay.

1) CLEANLINESS: It is paramount to keep your home clean, as the cockroaches will search for food and water sources, thriving off your home or business. Roaches have pheromones in their droppings to signal to other roaches that they have found a safe area to breed and feed, so continuous cleaning will help to prevent an infestation.

2) FOOD AND STORAGE: Keeping food in sealed containers, and only in the kitchen will also help prevent roaches. If dirty used dishes or food are left in other areas of the house, the roaches will thrive off the left overs and spread throughout the house. This includes rinsing cans and bottles before putting them in the bin as the sweet residue left in them will attract the roaches.

3) HOOVERING: Vacuuming your kitchen at night (to collect any excess crumbs from the day) will also prevent cockroaches as they come out at night to feed off any food debris on the flooring area.

4) TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The roaches typically like warmer temperatures so by keeping your home cooler, they will not like the lower temperatures and will not be able to breed. Roaches are cold blooded arthropods, meaning that they do not survive the best in non favorable conditions.

5) OPENINGS/CRACKS: Cockroaches will find their way through cracks/holes in walls, doors and crevices. The best way to stop them coming in is to seal/cover these openings, stopping there entry points. It is also advised to put the plugs in sinks and baths when going away or leaving a property empty for a period of time as this also prevents entrance points. During daylight hours, the roaches prefer to hide in dark, tight areas likes cracks in the walls and windows.

You need to pest proof your home or business, make everything is structurally sound from inside out. As mentioned before, find any vulnerabilities and fill/seal as necessary. you can use clear caulk which is quite effective if applied in the correct areas, as well as copper mesh and steel wool which are also handy for filling holes.

Gaps between floor boards are another way they can scuttle around your home and if you really want to cover all angles, then fill the gaps with a suitable sealant.

6) DAMP/WATER LEAKS: The insects are attracted to damp conditions as they can live for a whole month surviving just off water! This is why they are more attracted to homes that have water leaks or damp. You should try to fix any water problems as soon as is reasonably possible to eliminate their main survival source.

7) REGULAR RUBBISH REMOVAL: Keep your bins clean/empty and regularly dispose of the bags as the roaches will be attracted to the food leftovers in the rubbish.

8) RUN WATER: It is possible for roaches to hide in pipes, so by running water for a few minutes, it will flush out any waiting to enter your home. Make sure that you dry any wet places thoroughly, including sinks, bath tub, and shower cubicles.

9) REMOVING ANY CLUTTER can limit their hiding places and even remove their food source. Roaches are commonly found near lots of papers and cardboard so try to limit the amount you leave laying around.

10) STORAGE AND SECOND HAND FURNITURE: When bringing second hand furniture or belongings that have been in storage for a while into your home, make sure to thoroughly clean all parts of the items as there may be roaches hiding in small areas. For instance, in clothing, they may hide in hoods or pockets. In a box or in furniture, they may be in drawers, or underneath the furniture.

Of all the above tips, a clean, well sanitized environment is by far the most effective cockroach prevention tip. keeping all areas of your property spotless is key as they are highly attracted to dirt and grime.

Ensure that you regularly clean hidden areas such as behind cookers as these areas are often missed and could invite a potential infestation.

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More Tips On Preventing Roaches;

  1. Aromatic plants such as lavender and citronella are a natural prevention against roaches as they do not like the scent. Most shop bought repellents will have a lavender or citronella scent for this very reason but other things like: bay leaf, garlic, osage orange and cucumber are also effective.
  2. Essential oils can prevent or even kill cockroaches, helping to fight against your cockroach problem. Peppermint, catnip, and oregano are effective at repelling roaches while eucalyptus, cedar, and rosemary are known for killing them.
  3. If all else fails, it's time to call a professional pest control company. At Pestcure Ltd, all of our technicians are highly trained in dealing with cockroach infestations and we have various treatments available with a guaranteed service. We will eliminate these pests once and for all!
  4. Our cockroach exterminator will create a planned solution, tailored to your needs, and exterminate them safely and effectively.

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