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Mice Pest Control London Mice

We will identify intruding mice, determine the most cost-effective way to get them out of your home and then undertake a solution to keep them from returning. Eviction is guaranteed.


Mice Control In London

Our London based technicians are experts in rodent control and will get rid of mice by mouse proofing your property preventing entry to your home or business, A mouse infestation can be a real nuisance, our best advice would be to deal with the problem quickly as they can spread fast.

we use various techniques such as proofing, poison, air rifle, traps, cameras, bait boxes.

Have you spotted droppings in your house?, holes or gaps, unexplained open foods?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, all our treatments come with a guarantee providing you follow guidelines, our team have great knowledge in assisting with mice removal, experts in dealing with pest problems.

Mouse proofing is our best line of defence for mice control both mice and rats can enter very small holes/gaps, our proofing service is included in every mice treatment we carry out, Emergency exterminators are also available out of hours on request.

Rodent Control In London

Mouse problems in London: Mice are one of the most common pests that people encounter. A mouse can squeeze through a 6mm hole which is roughly the circumference of a pen, making it extremely easy for them to enter your property!

They scurry on your floors/worksurfaces, spreading deadly diseases like salmonella & listeria as they go.

Mice and rats can also spread hantaviruses.

There are numerous clues to help you determine whether you have a mice infestation including: droppings, grease rub marks, scratching noises (particularly at night), tracks/footprints and a strong foul odour.

Rats and mice require different treatment plans so its important to identify what species are present by doing a site survey first,

we go the extra mile for all of our customers and make sure each job is done properly by the book.

If you suspect that you have a mice infestation, you’re search for a solution is over! At Pestcure we offer reliable, professional pest control solutions at affordable prices a fantastic mouse control service covering the London's capital.

House mice have a slender body that's about the size of an adult human hand-from this clues can be gleaned as they live in homes or buildings where there are lots of dark spaces for them to crawl around in! They like gnawing on wood materials which gives away their presence. These little critters produce droppings that measure approximately half an inch long so it's easy enough to see if there has been any activity from these invaders before too long! Mice pose a risk so caution should be taken as they can carry certain pathogens.

We will quickly assess your situation before providing sound advice to eradicate any potential pests from entering your home so you don't have to worry about a mouse infestation ever again or any other rodents in your property.

Pest control In London for mice

Do you have a local business in London or residential property with pest problems?

Rats and mice in Commercial businesses with serious pest problems may require regular pest control services.

The Pestcure Ltd London team has been providing pest control services in the capital with attention to detail. We are experts in mice pest control and offer a wide range of solutions to suit your needs. Whether you have a small or large infestation, we can help! Our services cover residential homes, warehouses, retail units and offices. If you want to know more about how we can help with your mice problem then please feel free to get in touch today by calling 0203 538 8013 or emailing us at

We are committed to being one of the top rated companies specializing in mice pest control services with an excellent reputation throughout London Area . We offer professional advice on finding mice and getting rid of them, we use a combination of traps, rodenticides and bait stations while helping you determine which measures will be most effective against the mice.

We offer a free consultation service in order to provide better understanding of the problem and for us to find an efficient solution that will suit your needs best. We also offer: pest control, rodent prevention & treatment.

infestations in buildings that are aged may require a builder to perform works to fill big gaps, Bird control is also important for preventing rodents especially rats and mice. multiple visits may be required until the infestation has cleared.

It's not always easy to know where mice are getting in your house. They can enter through small holes, gaps and cracks. If you want a mouse control service in London that is reliable, call the experts on mice pest control today!

Mice control service keeping you pest free call our office company phone number on 02035388013 to book your first visit or survey, We provide safe pest control services that are guaranteed not to harm any animals or plants on site.

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How Would You Get Rid of Mice in my Property?

STEP ONE: Inspection & Planning

Our expert British Pest Control Association (BPCA) trained mouse exterminator will survey your property and identify the species of mouse that are invading your property, as well as the damage that they may have caused and entry points. Your technician will then tailor the most cost-effective control and eradication plan which will be thoroughly explained to you including the use of rodenticides.


STEP 2: Eradication

Child and pet safe specialised baited traps/boxes will be laid in specific identified areas to encourage the mice to come out of hiding. Unlike rats, mice are not neophobic and should not be afraid to eat the bait unless there is some behavioural resistance.

STEP 3: Follow-up

Your technician will return at an agreed date to check the traps, remove caught rodents and assess the signs of activity at the entry points to pin point exactly where the mice are gaining entry. The identified points will then be sealed with professional grade materials to avoid re-entry into your property. All traps will be removed and your property will now be mice free!

Signs Of Mice


Signs of Mice: Do Mice Mean my House is Dirty?

The discovery of a potential mouse infestation can cause great distress. Many people believe that it is their fault, that they are dirty or that they have somehow done something wrong to encourage them.

whilst there are lots of things that you can to to prevent mice in your home, nature is very unpredictable and for some people an infestation is simply the result of scavengers seeking out food and shelter It does not mean that your house is dirty! Mice are opportunists and will search for shelter where they can, regardless of whether dirt is present or not.


How do I Know if I have Mice in my House?

There are a multitude of clues that will help you to determine if mice have invaded your home. One of the most noticeable indicators are small, brown, rice-sized droppings that tend to be close to potential food sources.

If the droppings are much larger, this could be the sign of a rat infestation that requires a slightly different approach. If there are mice droppings present, it is highly likely that the mice have also dribbled urine as well, adding to the risk of bacteria and infections.

The second sign is gnaw marks on electrical wires, cables and many other inedible products such as wood and paper. A mouse’s teeth never stop growing and as a result of this, they persistently chew to prevent them becoming overgrown.

If you spot gnaw marks on electrical cables you should take immediate action as they pose a serious fire risk. Never attempt to repair electrical cables yourself unless you are trained to do so; you should always contact a qualified electrician.

Thirdly, you may hear scuttling/scratching noises particularly at night due to mice being nocturnal creatures. Mice have very poor eyesight and they are highly sensitive to bright lights which is one of the reasons they tend to sleep during the day and forage at night.

From a survival perspective, mice will become active when there is a minimal amount of danger. At night, your house is still and quiet making it an ideal time for them to scavenge for food.

The fourth possible sign is rub marks and/or footprints. As mentioned above, mice have poor eyesight and rely on their senses of touch and smell to navigate their way round.

As they feel their way, they tend to leave grease marks and footprints especially on skirting boards/kitchen cupboard plinths. In dusty areas, you may spot footprints that could actually lead back to their nest.

House mouse or field mice we will provide an excellent service from the start.


Where do Mice Nest?

If you spot any of the above signs the next step is to identify where the mice are nesting. This is a particularly tricky task best attempted by a mice/mouse exterminator but if you attempt DIY rodent control you should begin by looking in the following areas:


Kitchens are a prime nesting spot for mice as they are close to a food source. You should look behind all appliances and closely scrutinize holes where pipes/wires are connected. A common place is behind cupboard plinths as they can easily remain undisturbed.


Lofts generally remain undisturbed and are a perfect spot for a nest. Check the corners, underneath storage material and inside any insulation. Remember, mice seek the same home comforts that we do!


If mice are able to chew through a wall void, they will do so. Again, as this area is quiet and undisturbed it makes a good nesting spot.


Garages tend to contain lots of clutter and that’s what mice love! They will burrow through it and make their nest out of materials that they have probably gnawed through in your garage! Try to keep your garage as tidy as possible, you could install shelves to help minimize clutter on the ground.

We offer a 3 month guarantee to all of our clients, providing that your 3 part treatment plan is carried out according to the technician's recommendations.

How to Get Rid of Mice

Mice are rapid breeders; in perfect conditions, a pair of mice can produce 2000 babies per year! With this in mind, it is important to act swiftly as the longer treatment is delayed, the more difficult it is to treat. If you are a homeowner, you are responsible for treating the infestation if you choose to do so.

If you are renting, your landlord is liable to treat the infestation if repairs are needed to block entry points or if your house is not deemed safe to stay in. You can find further advice in relation to renting at: Pests and vermin infestations in rented homes.

DIY mouse control may seem like an attractive option, but is highly likely to be unsuccessful for the untrained individual.

We would always recommend the use of a professional pest company such as Pestcure to control your infestation as they are highly trained in mouse control and have access to rodenticides that are not available to the general public.

Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of home remedies such as peppermint oil spray deterring mice.

WARNING: If you do decide to attempt DIY treatment, always ensure that you carefully read/follow instructions to prevent injury to children and pets.

Rodents should be disposed of appropriately.

Contact your local council for further advice if you are unsure.


How To Prevent Mice

mice control

Dealing with an infestation of mice can cause great distress, both mentally and financially and the most helpful thing you can do is mouse-proof your home to avoid rodents entering your property in the first place.

One of the most successful steps you can take is to seal off any potential entry points using caulk/steel wool that are as small as the width of a pencil!

Mice are extremely agile creatures and can squeeze through the smallest of holes; try not to forget holes that are higher up, not just on the ground as they are confident climbers and will attempt entry wherever they can.

The installation of door sweeps on exterior doors will also hinder their efforts and are particularly useful during winter months when a mouse will seek out shelter, warmth and comfort.

Mice are attracted to certain conditions and if you remove these conditions, you will maximize your chances of deterring them. One of the driving factors of an invasion is a mouse’s desire for food- like humans, they thrive on carbohydrates making your cupboard essentials highly inviting!

Ensure that you seal all food packets in airtight containers to stop them ripping the packets open or knocking them over to access the food.

They will also scavenge for scraps in outdoor bins so always make sure that you do not leave food debris outside or in black bags that can easily be ripped open.

Second to food, mice yearn for warmth and comfort to nest in. They seek out cluttered areas to satisfy this desire and are particularly fond of garages, lofts and in wall cavities abundant with insulation.

Try to keep your home as de-cluttered as possible, especially storage boxes and collections of papers as these provide perfect nesting opportunities.

Do not feed wildlife such as pigeons, bird food attracts vermin.

If you follow the above steps/precautions, you will give yourself the very best chance of deterring these rodents.

Mice are opportunists and will do literally anything to survive, including eating non-edible materials such as plastic! Over the years they have adapted to ensure their survival; do not allow your home to offer them the opportunity to do so.



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How Much will a Mouse Treatment Cost Me?

Inspection only

Inspection Only

(No Treatment)


Two part visit

Two Part Visit

(No guarantee)

from £200

Three part visit

Three Part Visit


from £300

If you opt for the recommended three part visit, we offer flexible payment options allowing you to pay in 3 x installments after each visit to help you spread the cost.

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What Happens If Mice Come Back Or The Treatment Doesnt Work?

We offer a 3 month guarantee to all of our clients, providing that your 3 part treatment plan is carried out according to the technician's recommendations.

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How do I get Rid of Mice in my House

mice pest controlThe most reliable way to get rid of mice is to look for a pest control service near you. A mice exterminator will have access to products that are simply not available to the general public for safety reasons.

Any reliable company will offer a guarantee so you can be rest assured that if any problems arrive, you will be covered.

It is tempting to attempt to solve the problem yourself but the truth is, an untrained individual doesn’t have the knowledge of a qualified pest control technician and will likely fail at their attempts.

For more information on controlling mice and getting rid of them please click here.


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