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Bird Control

Uh oh – pigeons have moved into your home or garden! While these birds can look quite lovely from a distance, they spread disease, make a mess, and destroy your property. Your neighbours won’t appreciate their presence, and you can damage your reputation in your community if you let pigeons roost on your property. It’s time for pigeon pest control.

Most people classify them as vermin or call them ‘rats with wings!’ Not only that, but their constant cooing can drive you mad. If pigeons are roosting in your attic, on your roof, or anywhere on your property, you need to get rid of them. Pigeon control London is easier than you think.

However, you might be worried about harming the pigeons, and not want to kill them. That’s no problem – there are plenty of DIY pigeon control methods that will shoo them away naturally and encourage them to go live somewhere better suited to their needs. You’re happy, and they’re happy – it’s a win/win situation.

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8 No-kill Ways To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Here are 8 no-kill diy ways to get rid of the pigeons in your home and garden. Does this all sound a little (or a lot) overwhelming? Contact a professional instead. We know exactly how to get rid of pigeons – we’re the pigeon control london experts.

You’ve probably seen this anti-roosting spike strips in train stations and urban settings. The spikes make it impossible for birds to nest, and that means that they’ll move on. Buy them from a garden centre and lay them out according to the instructions, and you’ll soon be waving farewell to your feathered friends.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of pigeons on the roof, the best solution is to install sloped sheathing. This sheathing, constructed of metal, pvc, and/or plywood, is installed on an angle. Since pigeons don’t like slippery surfaces, they won’t build nests and roost on your roof.

Look for sheathing products that form a right triangle and a base that fits securely into the flat roosting area on your roof. But don’t stop there – you can also install sloped sheathing in your eaves, and on your windowsills, ledges, and flat areas.

If you want to teach pigeons that your garden is a 24-hour buffet, you should leave lots of food out for them. However, if you want them to fly away and never return, you should never feed them! Say goodbye to bird feeders. Even if you love watching the prettier bird species eat from your feeders, pigeons will remember that you’ve left food out and keep coming back for more.

It’s a good idea also to eliminate berry bushes, seed storage, and stockpiles of dry cat and dog biscuits. Here’s another one you might not have considered – grass seed. If you keep laying down grass seed and it’s not germinating, stop seeding. Pigeons are very savvy food-seekers, and they’ll happily much away on your grass seed.

This is one of the most straightforward solutions for pigeon pest control. Simply tie strings along the flat areas of your roof and eaves, approximately 2.5 cm above where the pigeons can perch. The string makes them lose their balance, which they hate, and so they’ll soon go away.

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If you have any openings into your attic or roof, pigeons will find them. Prevent pigeons from making their nests in your home by sealing off all holes and entrances. Pigeons really like nesting in vents and chimneys, so you should cap them all off with stainless steel and mesh caps.

Unsure if you have gaps into your home? Ask a professional exterminator to come out and have a look. Not only are they the experts when it comes to sealing up your attic, vents, and eaves, they can ensure that there are not pigeons (or other pests) inside before everything gets sealed up.

This bird control tip only works if you do it as soon as you see the pigeons arrive. When you notice pigeons scoping out your garden and home, spray them with your hose or a strong sprinkler. You can even arm your kids with super soaker water guns and let them help you out! This doesn’t hurt the pigeons; it simply annoys and frightens them. If you wait too long, the water won’t have the desired effect – they’ll simply hunker down in their nests.

Like many smaller birds, pigeons are afraid of hawks. Therefore, if you place a decoy hawk near your home, the pigeons will be too scared to come near. That said, pigeons are smarter than you might think. They catch on pretty quickly – if they realise that the hawk is a fake, they’ll soon be back in droves. We recommend that you reposition your decoy hawk regularly.

8. Place reflective mirrors around your roof
Our final diy pigeon pest control tip is low-maintenance and straightforward to implement. Install reflective surfaces and mirrors around your roof. They’ll reflect the sun, which irritates the pigeons’ eyes – they’ll stay away. Of course, in cloudier parts of the country, this may not work very effectively!

Pigeons leave their droppings everywhere, make a ton of noise, and spread disease. Try these tips to get rid of them.

Do you want to get rid of pigeons for once and for all? Give us a call or send us an email. We provide ethical and humane pigeon pest control in london and beyond.

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